Standing Policies and Procedures

Last Updated December 30, 2020

  1. Doggone Nuts! Qualifications

  • Doggone Nuts! is for indoor dogs with basic house manners. However, your dog does not have to be perfect, and young puppies are welcome.

  • Dogs must be fully housebroken. Puppies that are potty training are welcome at Doggone Nuts!. They will be kept on a supervised play/potty/crate schedule.

  • Dogs must be crate trained, or the owner consents to crate training during their stay at no additional charge.

  • Dogs must be comfortable with children.

  • Dogs must be comfortable with other dogs of any size.

  • Dogs cannot be resource aggressive. Of course no dog wants another dog to steal his or her food or toys. However, dogs that have been known to actually bite to protect a toy or their food cannot stay here. If there is a risk of a dog becoming seriously resource aggressive while in our care, that dog will be separated from the other dogs and confined as needed for the duration of its stay.

  • Escape artists, or dogs that are known to jump 5' fences cannot stay here.

  • Dogs over 8 months old should be spayed or neutered. Approved exceptions are rarely made, however an additional $5 daily fee will be charged for any female that comes into her cycle while staying here.

  • Very destructive dogs, or dogs that are known to mark or urinate in others' homes, may not stay here. If your dog becomes very destructive or begins to mark in our home the dog will be confined as needed for the duration of its stay.

2. Play


The dogs and I spend about 75% of the day inside, together. In general, they live as part of our family. Our home is equipped with seven plush dog beds, including two 6-inch memory foam orthopedic beds, an extra-large bolster bed, and a small nest-type bed for little guys. During quieter times the dogs enjoy chewing on indestructible toys like Durable Nylabones, while relaxing on their favorite bed of choice. We also enjoy a lot of cuddle time on the couch, particularly on Doggie Movie Nights. The living room is equipped with a toy basket, filled with regularly cleaned, indestructible toys like an extra large Tire Biter, a giant Jolly Ball, several mini Jolly Balls, Nylabones, a rubber Kong Ball, and several Teaser Balls. It is fun to watch them dig through the basket, looking for that perfect toy. On rainy days there might be a lot of retrieving up and down the hallway. There is also a large supply of plush, squeaky and rope toys, which are a favorite for keep-a-way and tug-of-war games. These destructible toys are kept out of reach, except when the dogs are under strict supervision, to reduce the risk of ingestion. For their safety, torn or shredded plush toys are discarded. There is always a bed, apart from all the living room action, down the hall in the entryway, for that occasional dog who would like to sneak away for a little bit of extra quiet time.


When the dogs are in the mood for wild, energetic play, we go outside. We have a large, fully fenced yard with a wide-open golf course view. There are many indestructible toys like hard plastic Teaser Balls and Jolly Balls. The dogs have a blast zooming through a 16-foot long competition agility tunnel. This is a favorite hide and seek spot. In the summer we have three shallow doggie pools placed around the yard. It is a riot to watch them run from one pool to the next, through the tunnel, and finally land with a splash in the last pool.

3. Sleeping Arrangements

To some degree this is determined on an individual basis, always taking the owner and dog's desires into consideration. All dogs sleep indoors at Doggone Nuts!. Small dogs that are used to sleeping on their owner's bed at night may be able to enjoy the same here. Most dogs will sleep securely at night in a large or extra large crate with an indestructible chew toy or treat filled Kong. Unless known to be destructive to bedding, your dog will enjoy the comfort of snuggling up in a clean, thick, soft, bolster bed in this cozy, den-like space. Occasionally mature dogs with no known history of destructive behavior will be able to sleep free in the living room or behind the baby gate in the entryway, with an extra-large dog bed, a Durable Nylabone, and a bowl of water. The entryway makes a nice little 6' X 8' living room-like space, without feeling like a kennel. Lastly, on very rare occasion, we have a guest who is used to and prefers sleeping outside. In this case, we have a 4' X 10' kennel in our insulated garage, furnished with water, an extra-large plastic crate, and an extra-large orthopedic dog bed. On these occasions, the garage is heated.

4. Feeding

Adult dogs are fed twice a day; at approximately 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Puppies are fed three times a day. Dogs are fed separate from one another to avoid any stress. Most guests bring their own food, to avoid any digestive problems from sudden food changes. However, for your convenience, I do offer super premium kibble for a small additional daily fee. Some of the wonderful things about staying at Doggone Nuts! are the additions at mealtime. I make healthy Homemade Doggie Stews, which are pureed to increase the absorption of nutrients. For dogs that are not allergic, each meal is tossed in something yummy, making meal times extra special. Some examples would be Chicken Breast with Organic Carrots, Homemade Lamb Stock with Butternut Squash, or Organic Venison with Homegrown Green Beans and Basil. In addition, each meal is topped with a little fish oil, high in Omega Fatty Acids for shiny coats. Super premium treats like Evo Grain Free biscuits, Brazilian Bully Sticks, or Nature's Nosh Organic Biscuits are offered in the evening, often stuffed in a Kong for those problem-solving dogs. I do not knowingly serve corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products, or products made in China.

5. Supervision

At Doggone Nuts! LLC we offer a nearly around the clock presence or interaction. Your dog will be living as a temporary member of our family. Dogs are only placed outside to play and potty if I am able to supervise them, either by direct interaction, or by viewing through a window. Our wrought iron fencing is equipped with 3 feet of attached welded wire fencing to prevent small dogs from slipping out. Small dogs who seem overwhelmed by a larger dog's outdoor play behaviors can enjoy some exercise time in our 1200 square foot, soft pea gravel lined, exercise pen. This area has 5ft high, welded wire fencing, maintaining the wide open golf course view, while providing an area which is secure for small or large dogs.

Occasionally dogs will be left home, alone, for short periods if I have an appointment or need to run to the store. For their safety, dogs are never left outside when I am not home. If I must leave, the dogs are separated from each other to reduce any risk of injury while unattended. Most dogs will enjoy a little nap time, securely snuggled in a soft, bolster bed, with a durable Nylabone, in a large or extra large, open-air, wire crate in our living room. Plastic crates are available if your dog prefers. On occasion, a mature, non-destructive dog may enjoy this rest time behind the baby gate, in the entryway, with an extra-large dog bed, a Durable Nylabone, and a bowl of water. This makes a nice little 6' X 8' living room-like space, without feeling like a kennel.

6. Vaccination

Our requirements follow the newer AAHA recommendations. Ask your veterinarian if your dog is up to date per our requirements and bring documentation with you when your dog comes to stay. Vaccination requirements are:

  • Rabies/Distemper/Parvo/Adenovirus-2:Traditional 3 part Puppy series, a booster at one year, and then every 3 years.

  • Bordatella for Kennel Cough-Either Intranasal (preferred) or injectable: An initial 2 part series, followed by a booster every 6 months. Kennel cough, or canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious, upper respiratory infection that presents similarly to the common cold; however there are rare complications, particularly for the young, the old, and the immune compromised. It is typically caused by a combination of a bacteria (Bordatella) and a virus. Ideally your dog would be vaccinated for Parainfluenza also, as Parainfluenza is the virus most commonly appearing together with Bordetella in infectious kennel cough. Some kennel cough vaccines protect against both.

  • Annual Elisa Fecal Test, showing that your dog is negative for Giardia and other parasites: A floatation or smear will not suffice. Your veterinarian will most likely send this to a lab for results within a day, unless they are equipped to run a SNAP Elisa test in their office. Plan to have this done early. Many clients are surprised to find out their dog is giardia positive. In this case the dog must be treated with a simple medication, and follow up with another Elisa test showing that the treatment was successful, before their stay at Doggone Nuts!.

NOTE: Vaccinations may take up to 14 days, once given, to provide full immunity to your dog, with the exception of the Bordatella NASAL spray, which only takes up to 4 days.

Thank you for your cooperation! It is all in the name of keeping our wonderful furry friends healthy, so they can continue to fill our days with their endless love for many years to come. Hope to see you soon!